With the new Lucky Feed update coming very soon, here's a list of additions so you guys can be prepared & be excited for the release.

- Added a Bosses event to Factions:
Every 3 hours, a random boss will be spawned in the factions server.
The top 3 players who deal the most damage onto the boss will receive an in-game reward, The top overall player will receive a boss crate key!

-Along with the boss addition, custom enchantments & new Gkits have been added for the factions servers.

-The hub as undergone a huge revamp as well as the Faction spawn!

[​IMG] [​IMG]
-Donator Ranks has changed to become Premium, Rich, King, Elite, Hero, Titan, God or Supreme.

-Now a new Dupe method for the dupe server (/dupe) with unlockable features

-Factions also has better leaderboards

As always, we hope you enjoy this brand new update and continue to play Lucky Feed! Thank you guys for your patience throughout the update & endless support

Much appreciated,
Lucky Feed Team

New and improved spawn!

Replaced the PVP arena with a PVP drop down from /warp pvp

Extra additions and fixes

  • Fixed many perms from players.
  • Added disguises for premium ranks and a free one for members.
  • Fixed chances in crates.
  • Removed money pouches until the new custom one is ready.
  • New ranks have been developed(Mystic, Immortal, Guardian, Eternal) for you to win in crates.
  • New and more powerful premium ranks have been developed(RICH, KING, HERO, GOD, OP) With a lot of powerful perks check them out at our store
  • New crates have been added
  • TAB now shows your corresponding rank in game.
  • /register now works in game to register an account in game and sync your in game ranks to the forums.
  • Trench pickaxe and Chunk miners are available for purchase on the store